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About Me.

I am first and foremost a child of God. As I sit here and I try to think about who I am, I think about how I am nothing without God's grace.  I will start with how my best friend in life is my mom. There is never a moment that she is not here for me.  I get my love of house cleaning and traveling from her. I have one older brother, one older sister and three younger half-brothers. 


My older brother has been a rock of a man.  He has felt more like a father figure, many times in my life than a sibling. I am thankful for all the skills he has taken the time to teach me.  My love for DIY projects is from watching him do amazing transformations when it comes to home projects. My older sister and I have been through everything together.  We are only one year and three days apart in age. My three younger brothers each have impacted my life differently as we continue to grow closer as we grow older. 


I do feel blessed that I have four loving brothers and one sister that are staples in my life. I believe our families are picked for us by God and I don't take any of them for granted. 


I have one son and he is engaged to a beautiful woman who complements him so well.  I also have three nephews and three nieces that I pray they know Aunt Amy is a forever rock in their lives. 

I fill my days with working.  I work to keep my home in order. I work during the week at my full-time sales job from home. I work my company "Yr Bright Light."  I work to stay in ketosis. I work to grow closer to God. I work to be available for my family, friends, and clients.  I work on my bright light through routines that allow me to see my successful efforts daily. Finally, I work to allow more of God to shine through me and less of myself. 


A productive day is worth repeating.  Winning Our Rewards Knightley 


White Structure


Liberty University

Professional Counseling Christian Psychology

I look forward to finishing this master's degree. This will be in Gods timing I am certain. Waiting Patiently as this door opens slowly. 90% done

Ohio University

Bachelor's In Technical & Applied Studies

This degree taught me so much more than you can learn from a book. The group work and the demand of documenting the applied understanding to a higher degree in communications, technology & Phycology courses. 

Ohio University

Business Managment Associates Degree 

I had no confidence the day I signed up for college. I did understand businesses hired me and managers managed me, so that is how I picked what course of study I needed to learn. 

My License's

I have my Series 6 Broker License, Life Insurance and Health Insurance

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