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Open Doors

I am thinking about this picture of a door being up high on a building leading out to nothing. God knows what doors to seal up and close off in our lives. Many times we dont understand why he has locked a door or wont let it open but, we need to trust he knows whats on the other side. This door had it's season in life and now it sits unused for its origonal purpose but even still today it is locked and providing a safe wall. In my home town, of Chillicothe, we have a street called "Water Street" and years ago the water level would have been high enough for a boat to pull right up to a door like this. Friends trust that God wants you to keep moving forward and keep trying all the doors around you in life. Dont be afraid if a door won't open and don't be afraid if it does. You are a important and your father wants you to keep dreaming big and keep moving forward while enjoying every day and the process within it. ✨️ Godbless you as you pray and ask God to show you a door that has been there waiting on you to open it and to give you peace to let go of the door he has sealed shut.

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