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Brighten Your Light Through Food

I have found the healthy eating style that has changed the way I live my life. Clear back in high school I was one of the girls that you could have called bigger boned. I just never felt or looked like I was one of the skinny girls. After having my son at the age of 19 and losing my husband at the age of 20, I found comfort in overeating, and I had no limits to the junk food.

Once I took on a physical demanding job back around 2014, I began eating one meal a day and staying active enough that the weight was melting off. My one meal a day consisted of a few simple meals that I would later find out, kept me in ketosis.

Not know about the Keto diet at the time, I just thought it was the physical labor that was taking the weight off. I went from a tight size 22 to a relaxing size 5. I ended up changing my physical job to a more desk type career and the weight started to come back. My one meal a day didn't change, but the snacking on junk food thought the whole day did. A co-worker asked me if I wanted to do Keto with her. She taught me the basics and I was off. She pretty much said stay below 20 carbs a day.

Now this past year, I had found myself realizing more about how being in Ketosis makes me feel. I am here to tell you about the heightened energy level. The ability to wake up and feel motivated about the day. The difference in my mental state. I even find the desire to do a bit of Yoga or work out a bit with a weightlifting machine. For me living in Ketosis is a part of how God's light shines through me brighter.

Click on the picture above to learn a bit more about ketosis.

I have many meals that I now make in a little as 15 minuets. I will be sharing pictures and recipes soon to show you just how doable it is to be in ketosis. You will be eating the same great foods that your used too, but these meals are made with low carb to keep you in ketosis all day every day.

When you find the right foods to eat, that helps you feel good from the inside, your bright light shines even a little brighter!

Coming soon, diet plans on how to start. Shopping list on what to buy. Pictures of the meals I have learned to master for my taste pallet.

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