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Learn how to let your light shine brighter; no matter what your life situation is like!

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My name is Amy Sloan

I was born and raised in a small town called Chillicothe Ohio. I have grown to understand the importance of living my life by allowing Christ to shine through me more and more each day. After many years of hearing clients and friends say over and over, "You should write a book about your life experiences".  I decided to start with a website, that allows me to blog about my life's trials and tribulations while learning about you and yours.


My blog will focus on my life challenges, starting with why my parents divorced as my mother was pregnant with me. To my diagnosis of a kidney disease at the age of 2yrs old. Then living in extreme poverty and witnessing harmful violence's up to the age of 10. At the age of 14 I started working and even fell in love. But by the age of 20 I was a widow and a single mother.


I look forward to sharing with you how it is possible to overcome such setbacks in life. I want to also share my knowledge on certain subjects like, Christianity, Motivation, Successful Routines, Financial Literacy, Healthy Lifestyles, Life Insurance, and even DIY Home projects.


I know with all my heart, once you see, just how a few simple changes in life can change your future for the better, you too will succeed in ways you never thought possible. I can relate to overcoming life's challenges and to the loss of a loved one so dear to your heart.  I am here to help you see and understand how the power of God, is your bright light through life. Welcome!

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